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Simon's Rock Young Writer's Workshop 2004

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24th May 2005

mixxedmetaphor10:38pm: evidently a couple of us are still quite around and checking this community. ahoy mateys!

here's a pleasant, unassuming question:
what tunes have you been listening to as of late?

my answer: the eels have recaptured my heart, while jets to brazil claims my head. rilo kiley, as always, has full custody of my soul. travis, ben kweller, and outkast each have a digit or two or three.

15th May 2005

mixxedmetaphor1:49pm: simon's rock RA whatnot
anyone else gonna be an RA for the 2005 simon's rock writing workshop? i've been trying to figure out who you are based on the email addresses, but they remain cryptic for the most part. speak now, or forever hold your breath.

7th January 2005

mixxedmetaphor4:17pm: hmmm...
a new year, a new me? nah. same old same old. running away from the past. i always do - it's the one constant. i'm at peace, sprinting like lava is on my heels instead of memories. ah well.

i had an urge, once... a wisp of an idea of a dream...

it's easier to exist buried. under notes and words and pictures.

new email: janellish at gmail dot com

3rd December 2004

vast_emptiness11:02pm: boredom resulting in...
Overusage of the isLove Generator.
resulting in...

simon's rock is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator


22nd November 2004

abbyroxmysox6:50pm: HIYA (karate chop)
hey guys!

so i haven't posted here in about two months (i think) and i thought i'd see what everyone's up to. i made a sad attempt to reconnect with teem x-tream a few weeks ago, but it failed miserably. only mischa, jessy and thomas replied. i was sad. not that i wasn't happy when i read their emails, cuz i was.

so it makes me kind of sad that i don't really keep in touch with ANYONE anymore. am i the only one? seriously... i'd love to hear from anyone... ANYONE AT ALL. cuz you guys are all super cool.

so, seniors... any news on colleges? any accpetance letters yet? just curious.

well i guess this is all i have to say. i'm muchos sad that i haven't heard from very many people at allllll (except the other LJ users)

Current Mood: curious

15th November 2004

vast_emptiness8:15pm: all praise the meg.
meg is fifteen today.
fifteen on the fifteenth.
coincidence? i think not.
cum amore,

[p.s.] i'm the only one that updates this community anymore. you guys have to write... or else.

23rd October 2004

vast_emptiness12:26pm: Hey guys. I'm such a lame-o. Seriously. it's a saturday, and all i'm doing is sleeping and going to piano lessons, and of course, posting in this... thing. So my life's been okay, actually. My Fridays have been all... woah.
Last Friday, I saw Say Anything, Straylight Run, Hot Rod Circuit, and Northstar. All the bands were really good, but Hot Rod Circuit had the best energy out of all of them.
Then yesterday, I went bowling, and saw my friend's band play [http://www.purevolume.com/ifallelsefailsny] or [http://www.ifallelsefailsrock.com]. Damn straight they got their name from a Matchbook Romance song.

So how've you guys been? I'm going back to Simon's Rock for a Model U.N. Conference in... 3 weeks. It'll be fun, I guess, but it really won't be the same without you guys.

With love,
Current Mood: tired

19th October 2004

deyja_macabre5:07pm: Hey all it's Danielle here. I just got my pictures from Simon's Rock developed (yeah i know i'm a little late) and i HAD to post something up here. I miss you all sooo much! Simon's Rock has become something of an escape and an extremely fond memory to live in when i'm bored and sitting through religion class.

No one has updated here in so long! How are you guys?? Whats happening and is everyone keeping up with their writing? I know i'm not...bad me, but i have no time for anything nowadays. Plus, i'm supposed to hand in creative stuff for the literary magazine tomorrow. That'll be fun (not), especially since everything I wrote in the workshop is dark. Ah, oh well.

So, write! I want to hear from everyone, it doesnt matter what it's about, as long as we all keep in touch.

Current Mood: relaxed

30th September 2004

abbyroxmysox8:43pm: i waste so much time it's ridiculous.
so i'm studying for my us history test, and i can't focus. so i decided to take a break and post something here.

anyways, i miss you guys oodles and oodles of noodles. excuse the cutesy-ness. i want to know what everyone's up to. i miss seeing you guys everyday and i miss the crazy times we had.

me, i'm up to no good... nah, i'm just kidding. but anyways, i'm playing field hockey for my school, and we're doing ok. we lost our last game to a big and scary catholic school who has the shittiest field imaginable, but i still scored a goal so i'm happy.

has anyone kept up with their writing much? now that school's started, i have much less time to write, but i certainly write more now than i did before the workshop.

to my distress, the word "bangin" did not catch on in da lou. people gave me odd looks when i used it in everyday conversation, and then they began to shun me. so i can't say that it caught on. damn. it was so cool. also, "shut up stone" didn't catch on very well either. people here are dull. however, using "uber" as an adverb DID catch on a little. a girl that i really don't like started using it, so now i don't use it at all. gack.

so i really want to know how life post-the rock has been flowing. post random tidbits here, or any long stories... anything will satisfy me.

back to american colonization... gag me with a spoon.

luv abby.
Current Mood: pensive

16th September 2004

movie_rain1:42pm: For anybody who wanted to know...
what I look like with hair.


the password is "gundamwing"

That's what Marlon is supposed to look like!

14th September 2004

vast_emptiness8:27pm: Hey all...
So school finally started for me yesterday, if you want, you can read more about it in my eljay... well, if you want me to friend you, just leave a comment, but yeah. ANYWAYS. school this week is not like... real school or anything, it's another writing and thinking workshop! hoorah! Only you guys are twice as cool as the kids in my school. Except Lauren. She's in my school. She's cool. lol.
Woah. I'm totally going on a tangent now.
But yeah, I started writing this piece from a prompt that my workshop leader gave us. It's "What does the eye mean to you?" So I started writing and I have to do it for tomorrow. But i'm not stressing out. I'll probably end up doing it on the train/bus tomorrow morning.
So yeah, I'm just updating in here, seeing whats up with all of you people, since no one's updating in like... YEARS, or weeks. but yeah....
Tell me what lyrics this is and I'll give you...
a pic of me and my friend doing something stupid. most likely with our hats. and hands. and something asian. hahaaa.
Well, if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to sayy.
</3 meg.

2nd September 2004

abbyroxmysox8:06pm: THAAAAANK YOU TURNER!!!
i got turner's dvd from simon's rock today! yippee! it made me so happy. did anyone else get the dvd yet? turner did a nice job... and the dvd was hilarious. yayyyy
Current Mood: jubilant

21st August 2004

abbyroxmysox10:12am: shadow walking
hey dudes. i'm working on a series of poems currently- my first big writing project since the Rock. Here's one of the poems. Feel free to comment, just don't be too harsh. :) currently, there's 15 poems in total... so if you want more, there is more. but i won't impose my poetry on you unless you want me too. :)

iii. shadow walking

shadows follow me.
mysterious light melded
with familiar ebony.
hop from shadow to shadow, child.
but the shadows bare
the forgotten.
the shadows are the sun's nemesis,
some may say.
perhaps they do not comprehend joy, child.
run and skip, child.
elongated torsos reach
into outstretched arms.
disco nights burn with mad love.
skip in it.
revel in it.
the shadows will always be there, child.
light feet pitter patter
along the sunny shadows.
but all grows dark.
blissful rain thunders lightly,
thrashing my friend,
my shadow.
for only the wise know that
the opposite of shadows
is the pounding heart
of the rain.
skip on, child.
perhaps they do not comprehend joy.
Current Mood: mellow

20th August 2004

vast_emptiness9:30pm: Horrible thing i wrote.
Okay, so I was ridiculously bored today, and I decided to write this. My theory was, I need more things that really make me giddy.

"Giddy - 1. dizzy: feeling unsteady and as if about to fall down"

G- Gunshots in the back of my mind, waking me up from such a deep sleep where nightmares taunt me; where the line between reality and surreality is lost.
I- Insides being twisted around by something hidden in your secretive words.
D- Driving down a winding road, not knowing where I'll end up.
D- Doing anything that brings the nostalgia of what I used to be. Before all of this.
Y- You.

8th August 2004

mixxedmetaphor8:06am: utsav's pics of gender bender
i'm baaaack. i was diving off the british virgin islands for two weeks... it's a hard knock life. i'll post a couple pics from there if they turn out any good. as for now... here's the last of utsav's pics.

i wanna take you on a rollercoasterCollapse )

7th August 2004

readvacancy4:24pm: hey kids.
okay so this is the only photo i have up to my computer at the moment. why? because i did prints not digital so i have to take photos of photos (which explains the glare) and then upload. so hopefully i will stop being lazy and do some more somewhat soon. until then, i give you this lovley photos (despite the glare) of three ganstas. fear them.

go here:

edit-ok, there is the address..i just realized it is HUGE. I will try to resize.
edit 2-hopefully it is not blurry on eveyones computer? because it is on mine. ugh. it is only one photo, it should not be such a mess. tell me if it works/doesn't work, etc.
Current Mood: tired
heroinpudding3:24pm: "sweat and fists and sand clouds"
the other half of my pictures... i got my postcard from lia, did anyone else get their postcard? it made me very very happy.

we will become silhouettesCollapse )
Current Mood: chilly

5th August 2004

heroinpudding12:41am: nag champa hackey sack
its been three weeks. in the three weeks since we've been home, did you meet as many cool awesome intelligent [ well mostly...:-) ] a-m-a-z-i-n-g people as you did the three weeks previous? it makes everything else seem like a waste, doesnt it?

now, in the air or nostalgia that ive got going... i finally found the driver to upload my pictures for you all to enjoy. much love and visit my lj if you want to talk.

let'sCollapse )

26th July 2004

vast_emptiness9:15pm: Pictures...
Okay, so these are some mixed pictures of Simon's Rock (that I finally got around to uploading) and my friends... aka.. the gang. Same pictures are on my own LJ...
Simon's Rock PicturesCollapse )
Pictures of.. The GangCollapse )
Current Mood: energetic

23rd July 2004

mixxedmetaphor11:46am: misc. pics from utsav
mishmash from the wonderful mind of utsav.

take me home tonightCollapse )
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