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round one

shevy lily thomas

tory with mao and a highlighter sticker from anna

tory brad

will and anna being violent

lily sees the wall...

lily climbs the wall!

jamie tali

here's one for the website kids-- lia writing something earth-shattering, i'm sure

brad and thomas playing slaps (thomas lost every time)

the churchy place that i now know is called kellogg

lily anna cassie

brad and anna being violent, lily in the corner

brad anna

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thankkkk you for submerging me back in that lovely summer...apparently i had a couple violent moments but overall you reminded me of many small things i completely forgot.
i have more pictures of you being violent too! you were like a ferocious little kitten sometimes.
haha, i've been consciously repressing myself as of late. danika, i wanted to say again that i loved your package and you will get one as soon as i have a stretch of time and inspiration (soon.)