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nag champa hackey sack

its been three weeks. in the three weeks since we've been home, did you meet as many cool awesome intelligent [ well mostly...:-) ] a-m-a-z-i-n-g people as you did the three weeks previous? it makes everything else seem like a waste, doesnt it?

now, in the air or nostalgia that ive got going... i finally found the driver to upload my pictures for you all to enjoy. much love and visit my lj if you want to talk.

brittany looks model amazing at the gazebo, right after she told us how to put the smack down.

lily smiles pretty, pre-dredded.

some hot hot pin up girl, i think her name is cassie. :-)

anna and lily make funny faces, how unusual

always a model. you know who he is.

hilary looking whimsical on the rock wall outside crosby.

hilary et moi [tory...] when my hair wasn't so damn faded.

anna looks sheepish. did she do something wrong? always!

amazing smoker RAs looking fine in the afternoon. oh yeah. its adam and michelle.

a very provocative picture of maggie and lia's collective asses.

more funny faces from the girls.

chilling outside my dorm room. thomaschevyreidanililybrad.

chevy and cousin it, who has a swoop?

thomas climbing the walls

who's hands are those?? only thomas knows...

reiko and chevy, post-beating.

crowd surfing on 4th floor crosby. music war anyone?
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