mixxedmetaphor (mixxedmetaphor) wrote in writingrock,

utsav's pics of gender bender

i'm baaaack. i was diving off the british virgin islands for two weeks... it's a hard knock life. i'll post a couple pics from there if they turn out any good. as for now... here's the last of utsav's pics.

janel jamming and looking stupid.

looking lovely, ladi--er?

chevy and utsav are at it again. get a damn room, guys.

RA gang sign!

brad looks simply mah-velous.

oh god. what am i doing? why am i posting this?

this is the type of community you find at writing workshops. woop woop.

really quite a flattering picture of them both, wouldn't you say?

dance, burba, dance!

music? "closer" - nine inch nails.

the scene.

neither utsav nor alice looks too excited to be there. what gives?

aww. this would be cute if we cut it in half.

west siiiiiiiide.

and that's that.
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