Meagan (vast_emptiness) wrote in writingrock,

Hey all...

So school finally started for me yesterday, if you want, you can read more about it in my eljay... well, if you want me to friend you, just leave a comment, but yeah. ANYWAYS. school this week is not like... real school or anything, it's another writing and thinking workshop! hoorah! Only you guys are twice as cool as the kids in my school. Except Lauren. She's in my school. She's cool. lol.
Woah. I'm totally going on a tangent now.
But yeah, I started writing this piece from a prompt that my workshop leader gave us. It's "What does the eye mean to you?" So I started writing and I have to do it for tomorrow. But i'm not stressing out. I'll probably end up doing it on the train/bus tomorrow morning.
So yeah, I'm just updating in here, seeing whats up with all of you people, since no one's updating in like... YEARS, or weeks. but yeah....
Tell me what lyrics this is and I'll give you...
a pic of me and my friend doing something stupid. most likely with our hats. and hands. and something asian. hahaaa.
Well, if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to sayy.
</3 meg.
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