mixxedmetaphor (mixxedmetaphor) wrote in writingrock,

misc. pics from utsav

mishmash from the wonderful mind of utsav.

i see meg, lauren, anne, and alec. don't know who that other dude is or who has the super hairy legs.

will shows off his mad guitar skillz.

teem x-tream holds a mini-reading. thomas is in the foreground, followed by eva, gaby, alexandra (?), and jamie.

janel plays with grass.

it's a bird! it's a plane! it's two RAs in weird clothes!

lauren, aka super hooter, to the rescue!

brittany and krystal play it cool.

janel looking stupid, as per the norm.

katharine and abby know something you don't.

i have absolutely no idea who this is, but i don't have any pics of her up yet so i figure this one serves a good purpose.

oh no, pete! gangs are not your friends!

eva, richard, kara, gaby, liz... in no particular order. i'm crazy like that! whoo! watch out for the anarchy!

where is this? i have not a single clue.

maggie looking maggilicious.

shake that groove thang!

one of alexandra's eyes is giving off an eerie glow. true identity revealed, anyone?


i give thanks for low rise underwear.

ben and anne. those names kind of blend together if you say them fast enough. don't tell me you're not trying it right now.

the filename for this is "y0wz". i think that sums it up pretty well.

the filename for this is "y0x0". that doesn't work as well.

lily (i got the name right... yes?) looks all softish and blurry. intentional effect or STUPID MISTAKE?

RAs always gotta be lookin' good.

how did utsav get in his own pic? how? invisible appendages? i don't understand it!

these captions are getting mighty stupid. maybe i'll do without for the next couple.

and maybe not. thomas and dave looking badd to the bone.

teem x-tream goes extreme on yo' ass!

evychay and utsavay. happy, abby?

brittany, reiko, maggie, and chevy. rushed captions cause i gotta head out.

one last piccy! good stuff.

now i gotta fly - SUPA fly that is. no really. i have a hott date. don't wait up!
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