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"sweat and fists and sand clouds"

the other half of my pictures... i got my postcard from lia, did anyone else get their postcard? it made me very very happy.

jamie dani me anna lily anna brad. we all look stoned. apologies.

the hottest roommate ever. my jessy.

the last night, two a.m., thomas tantalises a sleeping olivia with his foot. rawr.

marlon, lily, and anna. the smokers found new ways to exhale. equals much fun.

r.a. jesse in a flowy gown. tee hee hee.

lily at 4 in the morning putting on a show for us in the crosby lounge.

dani in black and white, also at 4 a.m.

me being badass flipping the world off. ROAR.

marlon olivia lia. just waiting for someone to take their picture.

dani anna [sideways] turner marlon. still waiting...

finally someone took our picture! the thirteen pot smokingest people [aka, my class] with julia hiding in the back.

the beautiful people: maggie.rachael.pete.lia.utsav.brook.ali. [fin]

dani lauren turner lia. the last morning i think, smile nice now kiddos!

chevy and brad being adorable.

the only picture will would allow me to take of him. nice hood. ;-)

olivia modelling her last purchase.

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whoa. what the hell happened to that first picture. that is horrible/digsusting/disgraceful/....

goodness. i might just leave it up because its so bad. our faces had been morphed. this is what we look like to the inside of a computer. digitech.
Heh... The pot smokingest class...

When we took that picutre I wasn't aware it would come out looking like Anna is biting my ass.
hahah, whoops.
Yeah, I got mine from Thomas and was quite pleased. Also you spelled "modeling" wrong. Also I look weird in pictures. Blech.
i got mine from a person named alin sunshine. it confuzzled me lots.
yup... i got mine the other day. except for my brother dropped in on the driveway, and then my mom ran over it with her car. i'm pretty sure it's from utsav, actually i know it's from utsav cuz he told me... but i could only sorta read it... o well. i'll get over it.
i got mah postcard, i just don't 'member who it's from. eh, it's somewhere. i don't remember who i sent mine to either, but it was a cool story about a tree burning down because YOU didn't prevent forest fires. or something like that. yup.
*shakes her booty at the world* Bad Julia hiding like that.
I'm not home but I'm sure my postcard is probably there. *can't wait to read it* Ann told me it was from her.
hum de dum
Once again loving the pictures. Especially the one of the pot smokingest class since I'm actually in a picture. I got my postcard a while ago from Dani.


not me!


August 20 2004, 15:49:50 UTC 13 years ago

Hey this is Maggie. The picture above where it says it is me is NOT ME! That is my roommate Nikki!
email me if you want at
i stabbed a dead raccon once