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shadow walking

hey dudes. i'm working on a series of poems currently- my first big writing project since the Rock. Here's one of the poems. Feel free to comment, just don't be too harsh. :) currently, there's 15 poems in total... so if you want more, there is more. but i won't impose my poetry on you unless you want me too. :)

iii. shadow walking

shadows follow me.
mysterious light melded
with familiar ebony.
hop from shadow to shadow, child.
but the shadows bare
the forgotten.
the shadows are the sun's nemesis,
some may say.
perhaps they do not comprehend joy, child.
run and skip, child.
elongated torsos reach
into outstretched arms.
disco nights burn with mad love.
skip in it.
revel in it.
the shadows will always be there, child.
light feet pitter patter
along the sunny shadows.
but all grows dark.
blissful rain thunders lightly,
thrashing my friend,
my shadow.
for only the wise know that
the opposite of shadows
is the pounding heart
of the rain.
skip on, child.
perhaps they do not comprehend joy.
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