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i waste so much time it's ridiculous.

so i'm studying for my us history test, and i can't focus. so i decided to take a break and post something here.

anyways, i miss you guys oodles and oodles of noodles. excuse the cutesy-ness. i want to know what everyone's up to. i miss seeing you guys everyday and i miss the crazy times we had.

me, i'm up to no good... nah, i'm just kidding. but anyways, i'm playing field hockey for my school, and we're doing ok. we lost our last game to a big and scary catholic school who has the shittiest field imaginable, but i still scored a goal so i'm happy.

has anyone kept up with their writing much? now that school's started, i have much less time to write, but i certainly write more now than i did before the workshop.

to my distress, the word "bangin" did not catch on in da lou. people gave me odd looks when i used it in everyday conversation, and then they began to shun me. so i can't say that it caught on. damn. it was so cool. also, "shut up stone" didn't catch on very well either. people here are dull. however, using "uber" as an adverb DID catch on a little. a girl that i really don't like started using it, so now i don't use it at all. gack.

so i really want to know how life post-the rock has been flowing. post random tidbits here, or any long stories... anything will satisfy me.

back to american colonization... gag me with a spoon.

luv abby.
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