Abbilicious Delicious (abbyroxmysox) wrote in writingrock,
Abbilicious Delicious

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HIYA (karate chop)

hey guys!

so i haven't posted here in about two months (i think) and i thought i'd see what everyone's up to. i made a sad attempt to reconnect with teem x-tream a few weeks ago, but it failed miserably. only mischa, jessy and thomas replied. i was sad. not that i wasn't happy when i read their emails, cuz i was.

so it makes me kind of sad that i don't really keep in touch with ANYONE anymore. am i the only one? seriously... i'd love to hear from anyone... ANYONE AT ALL. cuz you guys are all super cool.

so, seniors... any news on colleges? any accpetance letters yet? just curious.

well i guess this is all i have to say. i'm muchos sad that i haven't heard from very many people at allllll (except the other LJ users)

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